Piano lessons are available, as well as voice, theory, composition, harpsichord and organ.

Fun, sympathetic and encouraging music lessons that work with your existing strengths and aspirations.

Achieve your full musical potential and build your confidence with a tailored scheme of tuition.


“Andrew is a natural pianist, musician, and a brilliant teacher too! He taught me how to relax at the piano, and my technique has blossomed as a result. My arms now feel light and my fingers feel nimble. I feel fully able to play the music that I want, and I really enjoy myself as a result.” Pippa

“Andrew really inspired me with the piano. With my last teacher I had lost interest, but his enthusiasm really made a big difference for me. I found myself playing for hours in my leisure time. I’ve gone from strength to strength.” John

“I was looking for a singing teacher to restore my confidence in  pitch and improve the quality of my voice after a long break from singing. Lessons with Andrew were focused and fun. He more than fulfilled the brief; with his coaching and encouragement my enjoyment of my amateur music making has greatly increased. And I have the comments from participation in the Abingdon Music Festival as a permanent reminder of my progress!” Gill

“Andrew has taught me to sight-read, and now I can sit down at the piano for hours at a time and play all the pieces that I want to play. I’ve learned lots of repertoire pieces too. He knows what to give you next, so that you get better by playing all sorts of different pieces. I never thought that I would be able to play Bach, Chopin and Einaudi so well.”. Henry

“I took a whole term of aural lessons with Andrew in order to prepare myself for Grade 8 aural. The lessons were an hour long each week, and over the course of the term I learned to sight-read, remember a lower part to sing back, how to recognise modulations to the dominant, sub-dominant and relative minor. My confidence grew too in my ability to describe a short piece of music. I entered my Grade 8 with a smile on my face and I got extremely high marks as a result.” Lucy

“I wanted to learn about traditional harmony, how to compose and how to be able to play good harmony at the keyboard. Andrew improvises these things fluently, but he was able to explain in a way that I understood. I took my Grade 8 ABRSM Theory exam and I can now do all things that I want with harmony. It has helped me enormously.” Jeremy

“I had learned the piano as a child, and got to Grade 3 – but then I stopped, but have always wanted to carry on. Andrew picked up the pieces of my fragmented technique and gave me, at first, some really easy pieces, and after a few weeks I was back to where I had been as a child. Now I really look forward to my lessons each week, and I’ve been playing all sorts of really excellent repertoire: the piano classics, famous jazz tunes, and some more modern music.” Kate

“Thanks so much for all you have done for my daughter. You have always given her the ideal mix of freedom to choose and guidance when she needed it. I know she really enjoys her lessons with you and has surprised herself by getting her grade 5!” Jane

“Very exciting to find a teacher who clearly knows what they are doing.” Kevin

Contact me today to arrange your first consultation lesson or to discuss your specific musical needs:

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07855 098792     knowles@abingdonpianoschool.co.uk

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Here is a recent Grade 5 Theory result – congratulations to the lucky pupil who worked hard to gain the distinction category.